Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake


Baileys Red Velvet Cupcake 70cl – 17%vol

Now you really can have your cake & drink it! An indulgent recipe of light, fluffy red velvet cupcakes folded into Baileys Original Irish cream. Best enjoyed straight from the fridge, poured over ice or ice-cream. 

Disaronno Originale


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Disaronno Originale 700ml  – 28%vol.


The world’s favourite Italian liqueur. Disaronno captures the senses with its amber colour, rich aroma and incomparable taste which has made it the world’s favourite Italian liqueur. For great cocktail ideas, visit:


28%vol. – 700ml

Martini Bianco


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Martini Bianco 750ml (75cl) – 15% vol.


Naturally infused with botanicals sourced from a selection of over 40 different herbs from around the world.

The Classic Martini Cocktail: Martini e Tonic Vermouth 1. Fill with ice 2. Mezzo (half part) Martini 3. Mezzo (half part) Tonic 4. Garnish (with citrus fruit)

Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur


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Jägermeister Herbal Liqueur 700ml – 35% vol.


Selected 56 botanicals. Cold macerated elixir. Matured in oak. In your hands you hold our Jägermeister – based on a secret and carefully guarded recipe from Germany. Made from 56 selected botanicals which are conducted into a gentle maceration process to extract the precious elixir. It then resides in oak barrels to refine and harmonise the herbal liqueur. It is a ritual process that results in our complex and balanced flavour.

Martini Extra Dry


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Martini Extra Dry 750ml (75cl) – 15% vol.

Naturally infused with botanicals sourced from a selection of over 40 different herbs from around the world.

Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur


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Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur 1 Litre – 17%vol.


Baileys is the most-popular Irish cream liqueur around the globe. Velvety texture: a perfect combination of smooth cream and warm whiskey.


Cointreau Liqueur 0.35L


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Cointreau Orange Liqueur 35cl – 40%vol.


Cointreau is a crystal clear and natural liqueur made out of the best orange peels selected by our master distiller, Bernadette Langlais.

Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur


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With extracts of ginseng & guarana. 40 grams of coca leaves. Made from only the finest coca leaves. Crafted in Amsterdam. Agwa De Bolivia A tradition of artisanal botanical crafting first established in 1863. Agwa captures a great secret of South America, harnessing the potential of 40 grams of the finest high growth coca leaves per litre in this exclusive premium natural herbal liqueur.

30% vol. – 70cl

Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari


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Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari 70cl – 38% vol.


The Luxardo family have created fine Italian liqueurs since 1821. The essential oils of star anise are extracted by steam distilling and macerated in alcohol to give Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari a rich, smooth flavour.